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Chapter Three

Driving on the way to work, all I could think about was the question Delilah asked me and how I was so defensive to answer it. Deep down inside I do want to get married and Malachi is the man I was to spend the rest of my life with. I have given this man almost five years of my life and I don’t want to make it another five waiting on a ring like those ride or die baby momma’s in the hood. That is not and will not be me. I love this man. Some of the happiest moments of my life were with him. I’m dangerously in love with him and don’t know what I’d do if I lost him to anything. I felt my face getting hot at the thought of being with Malachi for 10 years with no ring on my finger. I finally pulled up in my reserved parking spot with Delilah pulling up right next to me. It was no coincidence we both worked at Risqué Femme magazine company. It started a little idea back in high school and who knew it would turn out to be in the top three magazines in the city of New York. I took the position of being the publisher and Delilah was the chief in editor. While going up the elevator Delilah asked, “What do you think is going on? We can never get any time to relax without getting buzzed to come down here,” she said cracking a joke but it had truth. Lately it seemed like so much was going at work. I knew I’d need a vacation for a while. I couldn’t let stress take a toll on my face. That’s the money maker. Maybe I’ll bring it up with Malachi sometime soon. I was dazed off into my train of thought with a smile on my face that looked like I drank the last bit of Kool-Aid left in the pitcher. “What the hell are you cheesing about over there in the corner looking like a pervert? Come on we’re about to get off.” Walking to the meeting room, the editorial staff looked highly upset. I sat at the head of the table while Delilah sat next to me. “Uncut Espionage has stolen our idea for the special June edition. I’ve tried to figure out how they could have possibly gotten our idea and I couldn’t come up with anything. This was going to be the edition that would take us to the very top!” “Okay calm down Keith, everything is going to be okay.” Inside I was boiling with rage! We have been working on this idea for months and just like it was now in possession of our arch nemesis Uncut Espionage. “It’s common for a company doing so well as we’ve been doing to have setbacks but it’s up to us to keep moving forward. This just means we have to think of something that’s just as good as or even better than our last idea. Let’s get back to work. Keith, see me in my office when you get the chance, okay?” I walked to my office and grabbed my phone out of my purse to text Malachi. Good morning baby, I hope you’re having a nice day at work because I’m sure not. I cannot wait to see you because so much is going on at work. I need you to take some of the stress away tonight ;) If you know what I mean, and I know you know what I mean:-*. Xoxo. I put my phone back into my purse. Ugh, I could not wait until this day was over. This day was just too much. Way too many thoughts were running in my head for one day. With my head on the desk I heard a special knock on my door. “Come in Keith.” He had been doing that knock since he was first an intern here. “Whoa, somebody’s tired. Do you need anything? I don’t like seeing you look like that.”  “No but thanks. What I really need your help with is to figure out how did Uncut Espionage get our idea for the June edition. I need you to really dig deep because someone around here is lying and when I find out who it is they’ll be sorry they ever walked around here being a lying scoundrel”. “Alright then, I’ll try my best,” Keith walked out the room and stopped in the doorway and gave a wink. He was one of my favorite workers. I knew he was trustworthy and that’s why I put him in charge of figuring out who was the liar up in this building. When it seemed like it took forever, work was finally over. I hurriedly packed up my notes and articles to look over, said my goodbyes, and stop over by Delilah’s office. “Hey, I’m about to leave right now so I’ll see you tomorrow kay? I’m so tired and I’m really upset about how the June idea was leaked. I just need to go home and relax.” “You sure you’re going home and not over to Malachi’s,” she snickered. “Damn why are you so nosey? Go get a man of your own to ask about”. There was awkward silence in the room. “I really didn’t mean that…” I started. “It’s fine, I’ll see you later,” she said in a low voice. I walked out the room. Man, sometimes she just asks some of the stupidest stuff. Yeah, she was one of my closest friends but damn, I’d like to keep some stuff for myself to know. I hopped in the car and checked my phone for any texts. Baby, I’m sorry to hear that but follow these directions for me. When you get home take ALL your clothes off and leave them at the door. Follow the rose petals through the den and take a sip of your favorite champagne that’s set out for you. After you’re done doing that keep following the rose petals to the bedroom and lay down on the bed for a moment and remember how you’re feeling because once the night is over you’ll forget how stressful your day was. When you are done doing that, make your way to the bathroom and be prepared.. After reading that I was sure I was going to do 80 all the way home.

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Chapter Two

Cruising in my Benz, I knew I looked good. Hair blowing in the wind, my golden kissed skin glowing in the sun, you got it going on, I thought to myself, occasionally glancing at my reflection in the rear view mirror. Finally I pulled up to Cafe le Désir. This was Delilah’s and I favorite spot to grab a quick bite or just to chat it up. Valet took my keys and parked my car in the reserved parking. “Girl, over here!”. I heard in a familiar voice. I turned around smiling. “I got our tables outside on the patio, you know how we do”. We both giggled at what she said. Escorted to our table, once seated the waiter handed us our menus. He was kind of cute. Really cute. Delilah started,” So what’s been up with you and Malachi? I didn’t even get to see you after work last night. You ran out of the office like the damn building was on fire. Give me the 411. You know my ear itches for juicy stories”. “You are so crazy that’s why you’re my girl. And to answer your question, nothing big happened yesterday. We just went out for dinner and I stayed the night”. Delilah looked at me like I was stupid with her mouth open. We had a stare down. “We put a hole in the ground!”. I said aggressively bouncing in my seat. Laughter filled the room. With tears in our eyes, the waiter came to take our orders. “What to drink for the two prettiest ladies morning”? Sweet Jesus, this waiter was cuter than I last remembered five minutes ago. “I’ll have water with lemon please and whatever the morning special is”. “Yeah, I’ll have the same with you on the side, s’il vous plaît “, chimed in Delilah. The waiter gave a sexy smirk and took our menus as he walked off. During eating our breakfast, “So when is Malachi going to ask you to marry him? Y’all have been shacking up for the past almost 4 years. You know my mom always used to say two things: if a man hasn’t married you after 5 years he never will or he’s hiding something”. “Oh Delilah please, Malachi and I handle our relationship just the way we want to. We’re in the strongest point of our relationship, which I can say more for most married couples. And to address your momma’s other point, we tell each other everything. It’s a promise we made to each other after we got back together from that nasty break up two years ago. We are just fine”. Delilah looked as if she was hearing the same story for the thousandth time. “You done?”, Delilah said jokingly. As soon as she said that we both got urgent messages saying we were needed at work. I paid the bill and Delilah left a generous tip for the handsome waiter. Delilah’s crazy self, applied some of her MAC lipstick, kissed the napkin, and set the money next to it. What was I going to do with this woman? We giggled at the gesture she made and off we were to work.

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I think i’ll be dropping chapter 2 sometime today, so for all you readers out there give me some feedback about what you think of the story so far please;)

Oh P.S. I hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas ;)  

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Chapter One

I was awakened by the sound of his alarm clock on the dresser at 5:00am.I clutched the sheets. It felt so good to be lying next to this man. He was the CEO of a big company, had a luxurious home, and it didn’t hurt that he was well endowed in his pockets. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not a gold digger but I’m not messing with no broke negro. That must be why they call me “Bi-sexual”, (if they buy me something I become sexual). I giggled in my head at the thought of that joke. “I hope did you right last night”, Malachi whispered in my ear then kissed it. “I have to get ready for work. I have an early appointment today at the company”. “Give me just 10 minutes baby, please?” I exclaimed. “No babe I have to go but I promise when I see you tonight..just know it’s going to go down” . He winked, gave me a quick kiss, and started to get ready for work. I watched him get up from the bed. Damn this man was fine and had a way with his words. He was 6”2, smooth caramel macchiato skin, light eyes, perfect juicy lips, ripped muscles. It made no sense how sexy this man was and he was ALL mine. I bit my bottom lip just thinking of all the unholy thoughts that ran through my mind. “Lord knows I’m going to need to go to church on Sunday”, I said out loud unknowingly thinking he didn’t hear. “Oh baby don’t worry I’ll give you something to shout about before Sunday comes”, Malachi said peeking his head out from the bathroom brushing his pearly whites with a beautiful smirk on his face. I let out a little chuckle and went back under the covers. I had about an hour after he left to get some rest. A brotha put it down on me last night. I was going to need all the sleep I could get. I set the alarm on my IPhone, put some Maxwell on repeat, and I was out. I woke up from a text message twenty minutes earlier than what I set my alarm for. Who in the Devil’s name is texting me at 5:40 in the morning, ran through my mind. I reached my hand across the nightstand searching for my phone. I gave myself a nice head shake to recuperate from my good sleep that was rudely interrupted. It was my best friend Delilah. That was my girl. Back in the day you couldn’t tell Nia and I nothing. She was my partner in crime, ride or die, all that, and some more. We was that chili pepper, jalapeño type sexy back in high school. Still was too. Hey Sade, let’s have breakfast before work. Cafe le désir at 7? Kay ?:-). I couldn’t refuse. Every time me and this woman got together it was a comedy show. I replied to give the thumbs up. I took a quick shower, put my long locks up into an elegant high bun, and put my makeup on. I skipped over to Malachi’s walk in closet. “A girl’s got to keep extra clothes at her man’s house, never know when you’ll have a night cap”, I whispered to myself. Putting my Michael Kors watch on that my ex bought me, I started to reminisce about the past. I snapped out of it realizing I was running late for Nia. I grabbed my keys out my purse, hopped into my E-Class Cabriolet Mercedes convertible, and was on my way.

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